45th Annual Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey Rules
● The 45th Annual Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey will be held August 20-September 5,
2021. Fish caught between 12:00 am on August 20, 2021 and 11:59 pm September 5,
2021 are eligible to be entered.
● All registration and payment must be completed using the Fishing Chaos app only. You
must register prior to fishing on that day.
● Entry Fee: Adult is $30. A one day pass is available for $15. Kids 15 and under can
register in the Junior Division for free. Kids from 10 to 15 years of age may enter the
Adult Division by paying the $30 entry fee, but can no longer compete for youth prizes.
● All photos must be taken on the Fishing Chaos app, and measurements must be on a
valid measuring board. A picture taken directly overhead of the fish showing the entire
fish on the board is required.
● Eligible species in the Adult Division are Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout,
Smallmouth Bass, Carp, Walleye, and Lake Trout.
● Eligible Species in the Junior Division are Salmon, Trout(Brown,Lake,Rainbow),
Smallmouth/Largemouth Bass, Carp, Walleye, Sheephead, and Panfish (Perch, Bluegill,
Sunfish, Crappie, Rock Bass, White Perch)
● A photo of the angler holding the fish is recommended.
● Fish should be recorded immediately upon being caught, and measurements noted by
● Fish should be measured on the board, with belly facing angler, mouth closed, and tail
straight to reach maximum length.
● Length should be recorded by rounding down to the nearest ¼”.
● Once the fish is submitted, the fish can be kept or released, angler’s choice.
● All measuring devices must be commercially made. You are required to have a board
with a 90-degree bend with at least ¼” lines. No handmade measuring boards, boards
with stickers/decals as the ruler, and no tape measures are allowed. Folding boards are
acceptable. Feel free to ask about acceptable measuring boards BEFORE measuring a
fish. Any measurement over the graduation/marking line will be rounded down to the
nearest line. The measurement lines need to be clearly marked and visible. An
engraved measuring board is recommended.
● Fish may not be altered, deformed, or broken in any way. Fish may not be frozen.
● Both the fish and the tail must be flat against the board, no objects may be placed under
any part of the fish except for the measuring board, and the tail cannot be bent or
● The leaderboard will update throughout the event as fish are submitted.
● All entries are considered unofficial until verified by the tournament committee.
● You can submit as many fish as you would like, but only one prize will be paid out per
● All fish must be submitted by the registered participant.
● A participant entering a fish will own and be fully responsible for that fish.
● The greater Niagara Fish Odyssey will be held in the public waters of Niagara, Orleans,
and Erie Counties. No Canadian waters allowed.
● If fishing from a boat, only registered participants may be on board the boat.
● All participants must have a valid N.Y. state fishing license and the fish must be legally
caught in accordance with all the state fishing rules and regulations.
● Fish must be hooked and caught in a conventional manner. Fish cannot be snagged,
netted, speared, etc.
● If fish of the same length are entered by multiple anglers, the fish with the earlier entry
time will take the higher placement.
● The Fish Odyssey has two divisions, Adult and Junior. Anyone under 10 years old may
only register in the Junior division; 10 to 15 year olds have the option of registering as a
Junior or Adult. only one division may be entered. If 16 years of age or older, you must
register as an adult.
● Adult contestants are not eligible for to win more than one of the following prize
categories; Grand Prize or Divisional Prizes but are eligible for door or special prizes.
Junior Division contestants are only eligible for one Junior Prize and are not eligible for
adult prizes.
● For a valid submission, while fishing from a boat, all anglers must be entered in the
tournament. Charter Captains and crew are exempt from this rule but must be entered
to qualify for prizes. Fishing license regulations apply. If a minor (age 18 or younger at
time the fish is caught) places in the top three, the parent or legal guardian will be
responsible for the lie detector and completing a W-9.
● Grand prize Challenge-In an effort to add excitement to the Fish Odyssey, a special
Grand Prize Challenge will be held at the awards ceremony. Instead of the largest fish
overall winning the Grand Prize, the first place anglers in each of the categories will be
placed into a container and randomly selected for Grand Prize considerations. For the
category selected, each place will then move up one slot in the ranking.
● Prizes - Cash prizes will be paid to the top three fish. Any winner receiving a cash payout
greater than $600 will be required to complete and return a W-9 before any money is
paid out.
● Protest - Will be opened one week before the tournament ends. Any angler in the
tournament may protest another angler in the tournament. This will be opened on the
Fish Chaos app.
● Polygraph examinations (lie detector or voice stress test) MAY be given to any
contestant who offers a Grand Prize or Division winning fish. All first place winners
should be in attendance at the awards ceremony. Said contestant failing to be present
could result in forfeiture of all prizes and recognition as a prize winner.
● The tournament has the right to refuse entry to any person, for any reason. Anglers are
responsible to familiarize themselves with the rules and check for any update of
changes. All updates and changes will be posted on the Fishing Chaos app under the
rules section.
● All anglers agree that the use of their names, pictures, and winning announcements may
be used by the tournament or for our sponsor’s promotional use. Anglers agree that
any photo and/or video may be used by the Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey and/or Reel
Time Fishing and their sponsors for commercial purposes, without royalties or prior
● Anglers are aware and agree to assume all risk of injury, death, or loss to personal
property, which may result from participation in this tournament.
● Angler’s release and forever discharge the greater Niagara Fish Odyssey, all tournament
directors, affiliates, volunteers, employees, sponsors, from all claims, damages,
liabilities, or loss of any kind from his/her/their participation in this tournament caused
by negligence, strict liability or other fault, actions, inactions, or conduct of the released
● Anglers agree and abide by all tournament rules and accept all final decisions of the
tournament committee.
● Sportsmanship - anglers must conduct themselves in a true sportsmanlike manner. All
anglers are expected to act with the highest degree of courtesy, honesty, and ethical
behaviors always.
● There is no dead fish penalty.
● Spirit of the rule - all rules have “loopholes”. It is the intention of the tournament
director to provide a fair and sportsmanlike tournament. All questions and or problems
are to be referred to the tournament director. The tournament director has sole
jurisdiction in determining the application of the rules.
● No refunds will be given once a contestant enters the tournament.
● LOSTA is offering a $700 prize for the longest Salmon caught by a member who is
entered into the Fish Odyssey. Must be a member prior to catching the fish entered into
the derby. You may join LOSTA on their website at www.losta1.org
● Anyone caught cheating will be banned for life from the Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey.
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